Thursday, 1 December 2011

30 11 11 Frank Zappa Overload

This one had things in it both ways up so I felt I hadnt to show both which leads to a cool symetry anyways....

Daily Doodle 30 November 2011 Frank Zappa Overload

Quite obviously this ones a little charged with something weird. Just did it listening to a ultra Frank Zappa instrumental Vinyl round mels.

It was good but a little crazy, and not completely abstract. but even this wasn't as crazy as the nights other offerings which will come up soon.  I think me and Mel journey a little to deep into the unravellings state brought on by to much Zappa.

AS allways please do comment and thanks for looking.

- Frank Allen 30 11 11 22.36


  1. Daaaaaaamnn. This is Hot!

    This is a real trippy Zappa overload man.
    *peaches en regelia*

  2. Arjun man that is crazy, accurate, thats the second album we put on :D