Sunday, 11 August 2013

The Artist's Workspace - Frank Louis Allens First Video Log

Here it is My First Video Log Welcome to to Basements Studio Corner.

I might start doing some in depth Analysis of my Art and way of working. I draw without plan and I think this is negatively impacting me trying to paint, but after much reasoning this out I've realized my art is really good and original without all the painting. It is something I can develop as a side line or just a hobby whilst I continue making my Art the way that really works for me.....

Yes I do need to Tidy up In a lot of pain right now from my discs I had a serious back injury 2 Years ago and now I'm unable to sit for any period of time. occasionally it gets really bad and even hurts when I walk so there's no winning in that situation.....

- Frank Louis Allen

Feel free to also connect with me on facebook and I will continue to supply my little tumbles with my Art at

n 08/11/2013

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