Sunday, 4 December 2011

Guest Blog 3rd December 2011 - Arjun Khode dwg-Oil on cardboard‏

Really Good Guest Blog by Arjun whos blog is the Brush banging \,,/ - Poems and Drawings Blog

He is a brilliant Artist, Poet, Musical Connoisseur, and a Musician.

1.A moment, you're still
Quite dizzy, but on the ground
2.A clock on the wall ticks,
And you can hear just fine
3.What is happening to me?
You think to yourself.
4.Fine, until ....
in your mind you think
'The clock just ticked again..'
the exact same tick happened a moment ago.
Is this possible?
Shards of noises slowly suck your ear
open an eyelid from it, until you see the view.
You can see the sounds flying towards you
In patterns of orange, green, silver and blue
"The vase was flying"
Wait. Did I just say that again?
"The vase was flying"
haha. What?
The vase was flying!
Gravity eyelids have opened
(*Screeches and Screeches, you hear as you speak)
Expression is meaningless
Only Listen and see. Don't hurt your ears.
As perpetual goosebumps reside inside
you snap your fingers to end the trip
But the thing is, This is not an LSD trip
You'll remain like this forever
Cuz it was just psychedelia playing in a record
in the speaker in your ear
on a headphone through a cord
through an i-pod by your tears.


  1. Your post on my blog is great Frank. Thanks.