Saturday, 24 December 2011

24 12 11 Daily Doodle Abstract Mucha Art Deco Spider Girl Doodle

Living off Sushi right now, forgot how much I love that stuff :)

Abstract Mucha Art Deco Spider Girl Doodle

The Art...

Went for a walk in the bitting hail and rain and came back turned off the computer and finished this. This nothing Like being dry whilst walking threw bitting hail in the Dark listening to music. When I got in I put on a rare vinyl and finished this off Marker Pens on A2 paper. Then this morning I recoloured some colours on photoshop ready to post. 

- Frank Allen 24 12 11 17.29

The Music...

A Awesome colloborations of mordern musicians, Vic Chesnutt's album  North Star Deserter featuring heavily  A Silver Mount Zion, and another personal fave DC Hardcore ledgend Guy Picciotto from Fugazi. The music can not fail to move at some level.

When I Got in I put on a rare Velvet Underground Vinyl I picked up in Cambridge called Orange Disaster, It was pretty rough recordings but still really cool to draw to, John Cale was still there and that was the important thing.

Here they are doing a Tract Nirvana would later cover, Enjoy.


  1. woah that looks like a 3d psychedelic heart. Awesome!

  2. thanks Arjun, felt I had to pur some clothes on the babe, think the more abstract lines that made her up where much nicer. The heart came out of a mess of lines that just didnt fir.