Friday, 25 November 2011

25 11 11 - Dream Music In Pictures and Sounds

Really busy so cant post my doodle until Tonight so I'll post something from my old experimental Webcomic It was an animated Gif I'll try to find the original to post.

Or check out yesterday's Doodle or the Days Before in the Meantime by clicking the Ink Drawing

Heres a Picture of my BATMAN pedal board I made....

I Have not really done any music since starting the blog, so you guys can breathe your still have happy ears today.

Thanks for looking, please comment on the Art, if anyone wants to Geust or Let me Guest just drop me a line.

- Frank 25-11-2011


  1. I love messing around with improvising songs, can never smarten them up though

  2. I love to improvise too. I think the outcome has a lot to do with what we are hearing. our style inclines towards it.