Sunday, 20 November 2011

20th November 2011 - Abstract Structure to Live Art (Deconstruction Festival)

Was really pleased with this Doodle, Its loosely based on a doodle I did stood in a corner at a live gig. 

The gig was in Luton and it was called Deconstruction Festival. Experimental band, after experimental band, with wavs and waves of the Improvised beautiful Noise. So I found a perch on a Armchair and drew the whole 8 hours with breaks of course. My lines where controlled by the flow of the music and this is what I created to the Band 'Coldstream' found here on Myspace 

I think its down to the Aspergers, I go into a state of hyper focus which can go on for hours. Beep and Hiss akimbo the music, music for people who like there music to go out there, way out there.

I enjoyed the whole day immensely, Lost in the Doodle until the early Hours of the Morning with no worries or Cares, I think it was when I truly discovered how Calming the Doodle could be.

Thanks for Looking, 

Tell me about what you like to do art to, and what , music makes your creative juices go wild?

- Frank 20-11-11


  1. Hi Frank, came over from Dans blog.
    Love these doodles. I have worked with kids with mild autism and aspergers - totally get what you mean about hyper focus, and the creativity that can come with that.

    PS taken your follower virginity too lol.

  2. Thanks for the deflowering :O
    :) at Lat a comment Hoooorayyyyyy!!!!