Monday, 21 November 2011

21st November 2011 - The Three Distractions or Distracted by Good Things

 Now Thats a Mouthful!

1st Good Distraction

Its a Awesome Book. Currently my Toliet Book XD Always the best place to read  I think its because you know John Peels voice so well when your into truly different music so much. He speaks to you on a totally human level without any kind of Ego it seems. He was just the man who brought the music to the airwaves, he thought. I think he was much more Read It.

2nd Good Distraction 

Ive mentioned it in Passing, but I have a De-generative Eye Condition  called RP. In short in 10 years I will be Legally Blind if Im lucky Ive got a few more years on top of that. 

How is this a Positive Distraction? you say. Well its not, but joining a select group of people on facebook who can talk openly about how they cope with this has helped me a lot. The group is the Visually Impaired/Blind Men's Group If your  guy like me who is losing his sight they can be a real help. A Big thanks to tem for turning my gloom around yesterday.

If you can see the humor in tradegy you may just be allrght :)

3rd Good Distraction

Im franklymydear on there. (Thanks Dan for that Name :P ) Come Challenge me at chess on there, I'm not that good but its fun.

Thanks for Looking Doodle to come latter, please comment.


  1. "If you can see the humour..."

    Never a truer word spoken. Found that out myself many years ago, and it is a fact.