Thursday, 8 August 2013

My Life as a Arist the non-neurotypical Art Blog

After much time away in the shallow land of  Tumblr where I amassed  a small army of 4000 mindless Silent Hipster Tumblites I  have returned to a more communicative personal blog format over here on Blogger :)

I Shall keep it relaxed, Sharing my Art when I have it which is very often, and discussing my  life as an artist now living in the States.....

This Picture is a reworking of my first foray into using paints. Its called The Canvas of Chaos Mark II and its by me Frank Louis Allen.. All my work is withoout intention usually so its a bit of a differe t thing for me to rework a piece.

As I have PDD-NOS autism along with the symptoms of ADD I cant always direct my Art. In face I can hardly ever do so. I felt really relaxed with this piece and hope to be able to get some paints to work on it tomorrow.

I look forward to being on a blogging platform again with a more communicative format and sharing my Art with you guys.

- Frank Louis Allen

Feel free to also connect with me on facebook and I will continue to supply my little tumbles with my Art at

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