Thursday, 22 December 2011

22 12 11 - Los Angeles Jungle Fever - Edit 16.12.11


My Brother in Law tells me a Post a Day is putting people off from Commenting. What do you quiet bunch out there think? Plus What Do you think I should focus the body of the post on, Theres the Music, The Disabilities and Coping with them, Or purely about my Art? Any Opinions Welcome.

The Music..
Currently listening to a lot of early T-Rex when they were known as Tyrannosaurus Rex  in my opinion a much cooler Name. Heres a video to give you a feel...

 Introduced by the awesome John Peel heres Sara Crazy Child Real blues gone roots crazy. Takes a minute to start long intro.

Heres another Blinder she was born to be a unicorn.

 - Frank Allen Friday 21-12-11

This Doodle was done on A3 card and I coloured it with my new set of Pro Markers, not quite as warm as my other markers but really cool colours nevertheless.

- Frank Allen Friday 16-12-11


  1. Love this doodle it has pointillism in it. Jungle fever is the perfect title.

    I love my markers but i don't have the good brands yet.

  2. they are expensive, I brought mine years ago and never used them until 6 weeks ago when I started doing this doodle stuff

  3. I think you should focus on drawings since that's the main theme of your blog.

    Btw, this is my new blog,
    Drawings and poems

    As the old one was hacked and deleted.