Thursday, 1 December 2011

01 12 11 - Mercury Rev Solar Duck
Redirected to hit site today. The plan is to at least atempt to become a commercial artist and sell a print, but i've got to be honest what ever possessed me to go for. Eu...
From a business angle, really not my usual angle on anything, it is insane. People are bound to presume im outside the Uk somewhere in some Balkan state and instantly say, Im not bothering with that bloomin caffuffle.
The Important thing for me as allways though is that the art remains pure and uncontrived and I think im still sucseeded at that. 
The art
A2 marker pens. Done whilst on the phone to my ADD Coach.
Thanks for looking, please comment.
- Frank Allen 01 12 11 22.43 gmt


  1. When do you get time to do this stuff? Its so complex.

  2. It never takes more than about 2 hours, usually 1. Just switch off, tune out, and draw and see what the subconcious throws out.